Prioritizing people over presents

We witness the last Halloween Jack-o’-lanterns flicker out and it’s as though a switch flips and suddenly the holiday season is upon us.

It’s the time of year when stores transform overnight. Halloween candy goes up for sale and the holiday shopping fervor kicks in. Suddenly, all the stores are decked out and it’s like a shopping frenzy starts.

We are urged by the bombardment of advertisements online and on TV to jump on the best sales and capture the best deals. The inescapable urge to acquire, to buy, and to shift our focus to holiday gifting takes over.

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Fighting Hunger during Hunger Action Month

In an effort to Every September is Hunger Action Month and the perfect time to get involved in the FIGHT against hunger in Barry County. Join us in helping raise $15k this month to help feed families for the next several months!

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Pantry Gets New Address, More Space

The United Methodist Church Food Pantry has served its community for 20 years out of the church’s basement, but now, the newly dubbed “Cassville Food Pantry” has moved to a bigger and brighter location in Cassville.

Janet Mills, Cassville Food Pantry director, said for 20 years, the food pantry has operated to the best of its ability, and now, there is more room to grow.

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Cassville Community Food Pantry